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Recent experiences of our service ~ Very good
Comments ~ Dr Halewood is one of the best Doctors I have ever dealt with regarding my ongoing mental health issues. She is so caring and genuinely seeks interested in my life and with what could help me. I've had lots of Drs in the past who treat me like they are ticking a box when they have an appointment with me. She deserves recognition for the way she has been in every telephone appointment I've had with her. - Anonymous

Recent experiences of our service ~ Very good                                                                                                                          Quick response- good examination- good explanation of condition- good advice on action to be taken. Retired

I am fairly new to this surgery but I have experienced nothing but professionalism from all the staff, compared to my previous doctors I think this surgery is wonderful. Anonymous

My appointment was on time the doctor friendly and was up to date with my records I am very please with my appointment. Anonymous.

Recent experiences of our services ~ Excellent practice

Always received by a very helpful reception team who answer queries well. No problem with booking and getting the right appointment. Anonymous

Recent experiences of our services ~ Very good                                                                                                                  Fiona McAuley was so very attentive and therefore a good front liner for your Practice. Thank you. - Anonymous

Recent experiences of our services ~ Very good                                                                                                                                I have great confidence in the GP's.  It is a well run practice.  Reception staff, including those answering phone are always patient, understanding and considerate. - Anonymous

Recent experiences of our services ~ Very good                                                                                                                          I have been your patient for some 60 years. I am a retired dentist. I have always been impressed at the standard of everything. I have always felt very fortunate of my and my family being your patients.. - Anonymous

Recent experiences of our services ~ Very good                                                                                                                          I just want to email to thank all at Hulme Hall Medical Practice, particularly the Smithy Green Practice, for ensuring I had such an efficient and caring visit. After having a car accident and needing GP care my mum, who was caring for me, initially called her practice to get me in for an appointment. They were very unhelpful and dealt with her like a check list box to tick with the receptionist insisting I go to A&E (which we explained the ambulance paramedics already said was not necessary) despite not consulting a Dr for this advice. This was done with little consideration for the current strains on A&E. I rang you at Hulme Hall and was immediately met with a caring receptionist who sought Dr advice. This Dr then spoke to me with due care and attention. I then saw Dr Cotton who was extremely kind, efficient, and attentive. I left feeling positive, listened to, and reassured after a very scary day. Thank you for such great service. I am sure you are often faced with challenges to provide such service in today's climate so I really am very grateful that at every point I received nothing but care and help. Thanks and continue what you're doing. - Anonymous

Recent experiences of our service: Very good
Dr Hastings is always easy to talk to, regardless of the sensitivity of the ailment. Although I am always happy to see other GP's too.
Furthermore, blood tests and diabetic check ups are also done with care - I feel like they actually care for my health! Anonymous.

Recent experiences of our service ~ Very good
I just wanted to give you some feedback to say how good the service has been, and what a star Adele Sykes is, as she gave us our shingles vaccination as well as the B12 injection when we last attended. All the online admin works extremely well: how nice to be with such a good practice -thanks

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